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Brand Holosphere Model

The Brand Holosphere Model makes it possible to control the brand in a dynamic environment (even if the components and their arrangement and interlocking differ fundamentally, the model at least takes up the substantive idea of the name of the brand steering wheel according to Esch, but does without the metaphor in titling and visualization. The logical structure of the model is explained later in detail)). By dividing the content into the level of a long-term stable identity of the brand and the level of more flexible and adaptable positioning parameters, it should be possible to maintain the core of the brand in the purpose and still stimulate change. It picks up the connection between brand identity, brand image and brand positioning in terms of content and visuals and relates the internal and external determinants of a brand to enable a holistic view of the brand.

Important: The model has been continuously developed since it was first published (The most recent version discussed on this page is V4 – Download Workshop Template).